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Govinda Dean

Tarot Basics

Tarot Basics

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A Personal reading on HD Video via a private YouTube link. 

Choose the reading that best resonates with you right now.

Daily Check-In - This is a perfect tarot reading for when you don't have a specific problem, and desire to bring self-care, introspection, and rituals into your life.

Decision Making - This tarot reading helps you clarify your position on decisions that you need to make, and highlights the factors involved in your choices.

Divine Guidance - Our daily lives can be filled with uncertainty. This tarot reading helps you to analyse a situation by breaking it down into distinct components, revealing truths, and dispelling confusion.

Goal Progress - This tarot reading is suitable for simple daily check-ins on your progress when you have a specific goal in mind.

Try to be as detailed as you can with the email you send, as the more I have to work off of, the better the insight and guidance will be. I aim to answer all email readings within 48 hours of receiving it, however, I have an average turnaround time of 12 hours, so you'll never be waiting long.

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